Hubo un tiempo


“Hubo un tiempo Hubo un tiempo, (There was a time) is an album of 10 songs I composed and recorded during uncertain times of pandemic (2019 – 2020). These songs are an invitation to recognize the challenges life brings us, and the certainties and the beauty that surround us. These songs are an invitation to travel within us.” Mónica



“A guitar and a voice, that is how music came into my life and that is the way it has continued. Al Oído – The Best of Mónica Giraldo is the journey through the sound map that I have been building through my songs. This map has been nurtured by the sounds of the different songs interpreted by guitar and voice; and also, the cadence of the Colombian Caribbean. This collection of songs is an observation to life; to the common places we inhabit and to the feelings that accompany this journey. For me, music has been a safe place and a meeting point in the world we live in.” Mónica

Que venga la Vida


Que venga la vida (Let life come)
“I want to give special thanks to the musicians and production team for elevating these songs with their talent and ideas. To Fidel Jaramillo, for listening all my stories.To Felipe Alvarez, Mauricio Pantoja and Diego Amorocho for leading my music towards new horizons. To Totó la Momposina for sharing her wisdom with such enthusiasm and joy. To Carolina Iregui for your art and -vivid- ideas. To my sons Daniel and Tomás, for a new beginning. To Kenny, for the special and unique path we have traveled … “Once there was a way.” Mónica

La voz de mi padre /
Canta la mañana


La voz de mi padre (My father voice) / Canta la mañana (The morning sings)

“Because your voice is my voice.” Mónica

Todo da vueltas


Todo da vueltas (Everything turns) “Like the wind, this moment comes to my life, encouraging the way and convincing me once more about destiny.” Mónica

Muy Cerca


Muy cerca (Very close)
“While we are busy with the most urgent, we put aside beautiful moments. We forget to look up at the horizon and recognize life happens to us in infinite possibilities, not in the immediate ones…” Mónica

Produced by: Mónica Giraldo and Mauricio Pantoja

Mónica Giraldo : voice and guitar
Mauricio Pantoja: voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Juan Sebastián Caicedo: drums
Marco Vinicio Oyaga: drum
Gilbert Martínez: drums and percussion
Juan Pablo Rentería: piano
Juan Ruiz: clarinet
Orlando Barreda “Batanga”: bugle
Edilberto Liévano: trombone
Julio Panadero: clarinet
Febe Merab Córdoba: back vocals
Stefany Cotera: back vocals
John Harbey Ubaque, “Dartañan”: requinto
Winds Arrangement: Esther Rojas
Guitar Arrangement: Carlos Alberto Ruiz
Special Guests: Mafalda Veiga, Mathieu Ruz, Gabriel J. Giraldo and Pantoja.
Vocal coach: Ximena Bernal.

Children’s choir: Michelle Ruget, Talita Oyaga, Daniel Mendiwelson and Tomás Mendiwelson.

Recorded at:
Groove Studios, Bogotá
Recording Engineers: Harbey Marín and Jorge Corredor
Assistant Engineers: Nicolás Cajamarca, Nikolás Gutiérrez
Triganá Studio, Bogotá
Recording Engineer: Andrés Peláez
Valentim de Carvalho Studio, Lisboa
Recording Engineers: Nelson Carvalho
Afro Studio, Barranquilla
Recording Engineer: Jaime Alzate
Mixed at: Groove Studios:
Mixing Engineer: Harbey Marín:
Assistant Engineer: Jorge Corredor
Mastered at: Classic Master
Master Engineer: Carlos Freitas
Assistant Engineer: Natalia Bohórquez

Photography: Jorge Velásquez, Rory O’bryen and Hernan Díaz. Art Design: Carolina Iregui, Jorge Velásquez, Daniela González and Bárbara Santos.
Video: Randi Luna Lofstedt and Jorge Velásquez. The Orchard + MG

Mónica Giraldo
Rex Niswander
Angela Jackson

Guitar and voice: Mónica Giraldo


Master Engineer: María Constanza Triana
Art Director and design: Bárbara Santos
Cover photographer: Jorge Velásquez
Birds photographer: Nicolás Parra
Dancer: Roiber Jimenez Fuentes.

Produced by: Felipe Álvarez and Mónica Giraldo

Co-produced by: Diego Amorocho
Voice and Guitar: Mónica Giraldo
Bass: Diego Valdés
Drums: Juan Sebastián Caicedo
Guitars: Mauricio Pantoja, Mónica Giraldo and Alejandro Gomezcáceres
Ukelele: Mauricio Pantoja
Harmonica: Alejandro Gomezcáceres
Keyboards and Piano: Juan José Peña
Percussion: Urián Sarmiento
Back Vocals: Mónica Giraldo and Andrea de Francisco

Specials Guests
Voice: Totó La Momposina en Así Lo Canto Yo
Traditional Percussion: Marco Vinicio Oyaga in Así Lo Canto Yo
Guitar and voice: Diego Amorocho in Dulce Boca
Bass: Santiago Mejía in Dulce Boca
Guitar: Diego Amorocho in Deja
Guitar: Santiago Prieto in Un Gusto Estar Aquí
Accordion: José Henry Ortiz in Un Gusto Estar Aquí
Trumpet: Orlado Barreda – Batanga in Un Gusto Estar Aquí

Recorded at: Polen Records, Audiovision and Triganá Estudios.

Recording Engineers: Francisco Castro, Felipe Álvarez, Diego Amorocho,
Mauricio Cano, Mauricio Pantoja and Andrés Peláez.
Engineer Assistant: Johnny M. Leyton
Preproduction: Mauricio Pantoja and Diego Amorocho

Mix: Albert Leusink
Master: María Constanza Triana

Lyrics and music of all the songs by Mónica Giraldo, except Deja composed by Ricard Blair and Iván Benavides, except Dulce boca, Otro momento and Para Volver a bailar, composed by Diego Amorocho and Mónica Giraldo.

Cover Photography: Ana González
Art Director and Graphic Design: Carolina Iregui

Produced by: Mónica Giraldo Co-produced by: Diego Amorocho Musicians: Alfonso Giraldo: Voice. Carlos Alberto Ruiz : Guitar. Diego Valdés: Double Bass. Mónica Giraldo: Voice and guitar

Master: María Constanza Triana

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Diego Amorocho

Art Director and design: Bárbara Santos

Photography: Jorge Velásquez

Produced by: Mauricio Pantoja
Co-produced by: Mónica Giraldo
Excecutive producer: Dennis Murcia

Mónica Giraldo: voice and guitar
Andrea de Francisco: back vocals
Mauricio Pantoja: acoustic and electric guitar
Diego Gracia: guitar
Diego Valdes: doublé bass
Orlando Barreda “Batanga”: trumpet and flugel horn
Tomás Benitez: bombardino
Urián Sarmiento: drums, tambor alegre and percussion
Marco Vinicio Oyaga: snare and drums

Recorded at: AltoStudios Bogotá Colombia
Recoring engineer: Diego Gracia
Mixed by: Albert Leusink at Valves and Faders, New York
Mastered by: María Constanza Triana, New York

Sound engineer: Diego Gracia

Codiscos + MG

Graphic Desing: Catalina Diez / Alberto Orjuela
Photography: Jorge Velásquez

Music and lyrics:
( Mónica Giraldo
(3.6.9) Mónica Giraldo and Mauricio Pantoja
(7) Mónica Giraldo y Andrea de Francisco

Producido por Mauricio Pantoja y Mónica Giraldo


Mónica Giraldo: guitarra y voz
Mauricio Pantoja: guitarras y voz
Juan Sebastián Caicedo: batería
Marco Vinicio Oyaga: tambor
Gilbert Martínez: tambores y percusión
Juan Pablo Rentería: piano
Juan Ruiz: clarinete
Orlando Barreda “Batanga”: bugle
Edilberto Liévano: trombón
Julio Panadero: clarinete
Feber Merab Córdoba: coros
Stefany Cotera: Coros
John Harbey Ubaque “Dartañan”: requinto
Arreglista de vientos: Esther Rojas
Arreglista de guitarra: Carlos Alberto Ruiz

Artistas invitados: Mafalda Veiga, Mathieu Ruz, Gabriel J. Giraldo y Pantoja.

Vocal coach: Ximena Bernal
Niños invitados coros: Michelle Ruget, Talita Oyaga, Daniel Mendiwelson y Tomás Mendiwelson.

Grabado en:  Groove Studios, Bogotá Ingenieros de grabación: Harbey Marín, Jorge Corredor. Asistentes de ingeniería: Nicolás Cajamarca, Nikolás Gutiérrez. Triganá Estudios, Bogotá Ingeniero de grabación: Andrés Peláez Estudio Valentim de Carvalho, Lisboa Ingeniero de grabación: Nelson Carvalho Afro Estudio, Barranquilla Ingeniero de grabación: Jaime Alzate Mezclado en: Groove Studios Harbey Marín: Ingeniero de mezcla. Jorge Corredor: Asistente de mezcla Masterizado en: Classic Master Carlos Freitas: Ingeniero de master. Natalía Bohórquez : Asistente de Ingeniero de master Fotografía: Jorge Velásquez. Rory O’bryen. Hernan Díaz. Diseño de arte: Carolina Iregui. Jorge Velásquez. Daniela González. Bárbara Santos Video: Randi Luna Lofstedt. Jorge Velásquez.