Que venga la Vida

Tal vez – Gran intento – Molinos de viento – Así lo canto yo – Deja – Dulce Boca  – Lejos está el final – Para volver a bailar – Otro momento – Un gusto estar aquí

“Special thanks to the musicians and production team for elevating these songs with their talent and ideas. To Fidel Jaramillo, for listening all my stories.To Felipe Alvarez, Mauricio Pantoja and Diego Amorocho for taking my music towards new horizons. To Totó la Momposina for sharing her wisdom with such enthusiasm and joy. To Carolina Iregui for your art and vivid ideas. To my sons Daniel and Tomás, for a new beginning. To Kenny, for the special and unique path we have traveled … “Once there was a way.”

Produced by: Felipe Álvarez and Mónica Giraldo

Co-produced by: Diego Amorocho
Voice and Guitar: Mónica Giraldo
Bass: Diego Valdés
Drums: Juan Sebastián Caicedo
Guitars: Mauricio Pantoja, Mónica Giraldo and Alejandro Gomezcáceres
Ukelele: Mauricio Pantoja
Harmonica: Alejandro Gomezcáceres
Keyboards and Piano: Juan José Peña
Percussion: Urián Sarmiento
Back Vocals: Mónica Giraldo and Andrea de Francisco


Specials Guests

Voice: Totó La Momposina en Así Lo Canto Yo
Traditional Percussion: Marco Vinicio Oyaga in Así Lo Canto Yo
Guitar and voice: Diego Amorocho in Dulce Boca
Bass: Santiago Mejía in Dulce Boca
Guitar: Diego Amorocho in Deja
Guitar: Santiago Prieto in Un Gusto Estar Aquí
Accordion: José Henry Ortiz in Un Gusto Estar Aquí
Trumpet: Orlado Barreda – Batanga in Un Gusto Estar Aquí


Recorded at: Polen Records, Audiovision and Triganá Estudios.

Recording Engineers: Francisco Castro, Felipe Álvarez, Diego Amorocho,
Mauricio Cano, Mauricio Pantoja and Andrés Peláez.
Engineer Assistant: Johnny M. Leyton 
Preproduction: Mauricio Pantoja and Diego Amorocho

Mix: Albert Leusink
Master: María Constanza Triana

Lyrics and music of all the songs by Mónica Giraldo, except Deja composed by Ricard Blair and Iván Benavides, except Dulce boca, Otro momento and Para Volver a bailar, composed by Diego Amorocho and Mónica Giraldo.

Cover Photography: Ana González
Art Director and Graphic Design: Carolina Iregui

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